Spring Is Here! You Can Come Out of Hibernation Now!

Spring Skiing!

Ahhh….. Spring Skiing!

“Spring Fever” is a term, according to Wikipedia, “applied to several sets of physical and psychological symptoms associated with the arrival of spring. In general it refers to an increase in energy, vitality and particularly sexual appetite, often particularly strong in those suffering from seasonal effective disorder.”  The sun is shining and the smile on our faces is getting bigger.

While we may be saying “Goodbye” to melting snow, we are saying “Hello” to sunshine (and the occasional snow shower) with some springtime fun.  There are so many springtime venues around Summit County, there’s no reason not to get your daily dose of Vitamin D and enjoy some great music, great people and great snow. 

The majority of the crowds are gone, so there’s plenty of room to cruise the mountain groomers and find the sweet staches in the trees.

This weekend and next Breckenridge Spring Fever 2013 is in full motion with free concerts on Saturday and Sunday the next two weekends. Starting Saturday April 6th with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, then Sunday with The Dirty Heads. The following weekend, Saturday April 13th we get to hear Boulder based band 3Oh!3. Sunday April 14th the concert line up finishes with a bang bringing reggae/hip-hop artist Matisyahu to the stage.

Breckenridge has a bad case of Spring Fever!

Breckenridge has a bad case of Spring Fever!

Each concert is FREE and will be at the base of Peak 8 from 2pm-5pm on the concert day.

You can’t beat a free slopeside concert amidst the beauty of  Breckenridge, so get your gear and head to the hill this spring. Do your body and brain some good, soak up some much needed sunshine while surrounded by tons of people ready to have a good time.

It’s been an amazing season here in Summit County and these next couple of weeks are packing in lots to make sure the season ends with a bang.

This post brought to you by: Black Tie Ski Delivery

“We deliver the skis, you have all the fun.”

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How Many People Does It Takes To Make A Day In Your Ski Vacation?

Breakfast Waitress

“Hash browns or grits with that?” says the waitress as you fumble around in your over sized ski jacket, looking for the menu with other breakfast side menu options.  “Grits please” you reply and she’s off to punch in the order, one….and the tally begins.

How many people will you  encounter in the service industry during your ski day? Let’s not forget about the hostess(2) who sat you and brought you the much needed caffeine to start this day.

Take a guest…8?…15?… more?… people that you will come in direct contact with.

Let’s walk through a typical ski vacation day and see who we run into, shall we…….

So you got your hardy breakfast, enough to keep you going strong all day on the slopes.  Now, you and your crew are headed to the hill. You pull up to the parking attendant (3)get your spot from the flag man (4)and head to the gondola where you’re greeted by three operators (7) loading the gondola. Upon exiting your scenic ride up the gondola to Peak 8, you snap or strap in and slide to the ticket scanner(8) for access to the slopes.

Around noon, your getting a bit ready to refuel, guess you should have gone with the hash browns, they might have stuck to your ribs a bit further. You head to the nearest food station to quickly refuel, as to not waste a moment, you slide by the cafeteria check out girl(9).

Sitting outside, you catch some mountain sunshine on your face, while the hamburger rolls down your throat, breathing in the fresh air makes you realize why you look forward to this trip each and every year.

Chillin in the snow

Several more runs, shift changes by lift ops (+3), and bottled water from the grill (13), and it’s almost beer thirty!  Gathering the gang you head over to Cooper Top on Peak 9, order from the bartender (14) and relax to the sounds of reggae music as skier and snowboards descend down the for the day.

A ride back to the hotel from the feisty bus/shuttle driver (15) and you’re headed to your room (front desk agent since you lost your room key again +1) to unwind.  Later in the evening you clean up and all head to town for some grub. The hostess seats you (17), the server (18) gratifies your hungry soul, therefore an after dinner cocktail with the upstairs mixologist (19) is in order. As you stroll home, you’re ready to hit the pillow to revive your tired muscles and do it all over again tomorrow.

A simple count of those who come in direct contact with you in the course of your day.

Might your day look slightly different, you may add some of the following:  dinner shuttle driver +1, ski school +2, ticket sales +1,epic mix photographer +1, the amazing ski delivery technicians that fit you up early that morning and got you looking good on the slopes.

Lots of people help make your ski time the best time…..

Enjoy every moment of your ski vacation, making the most of each day!

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Who Else Wants A Hassle Free Ski Vacation?

“We save people’s vacations one at a time,” exclaims Ian Prichard, co-founder of Black Tie Ski Rental Delivery service. Making life easier for many people during their ski vacation and recently featured on Fox New Live, Black Tie Ski Delivery takes the hassle out of the equipment rental process.  “We bring the ease and convenience right to the guest.”

Servicing 35 ski resorts in 13 locations, Black Tie Ski spares you the boring rental shop lines by transporting high quality skis and snowboards straight to you.  

With a customer base that covers anyone who goes on a ski vacation, equipment delivery is a service you CAN afford and a convenience that you can’t afford to live without. Pricing is comparable to typical rental shops yet there is no delivery fee. Ask anyone who has used Black Tie Ski Delivery about their experience, and the reason why they continue to call season after season.


Customers are fit in the comfort of their lodging accommodations the evening they arrive and are ready to hit the slopes first thing the next morning.

Complimentary slope side service offers to meet you at the mountain for any adjustment that needs to be made with the equipment once you are out. As you finish up on the last day of your rental, simply call to set a pick up time and the crew will come by to get your gear as you relax and unwind from a great day on the slopes.

All year everyone looks forward to their time in the snow, why not make it as enjoyable as possible. Consider getting your skis or snowboards delivered on your next ski vacation so you can relax in the lodge as professionals fit you up for your time on the mountain.

We deliver the skis, you have all the fun!


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Burton US Open Comes To Vail!

Burton US Open In Vail

Burton US Open Moves To Vail After Being In Vermont For Over 30 years

Burton U.S. Open will bring over 100 of the world’s best athletes and riders to Vail, Colorado at the end of the month. February 25th, 2013 – March 2nd, 2013 will soon be filled with competitions, free concerts, athlete signings and fun filled events. The Burton US Open has been in Vermont for 30 years and the relocation has some people up in arms about Burton leaving it’s roots. The relocation marks a big monumental change for the Burton Open.

“We’ve been at Stratton for a long time,” Burton’s Chief Creative Officer, Greg Dacyshyn told TransWorld, “We feel like it’s time to evolve the event for the riders, spectators, for anyone that’s involved and provide them with the best experience they can have. Vail was the obvious choice. We consulted with a lot of people before making a move like this, it’s a big move, and everyone has been 100 percent behind it.”

The change in location also comes with a Burton Open paradigm shift. The Burton crew hopes to grow the Open into more than just a contest, rather a fun filled-festival alongside the contests. This was part of the reason in choosing Vail, Colorado. The plaza in front of the Solaris building in Vail Village can hold over 5,000 people and is a perfect location for outdoor concerts, events, mini parks.

Long time Kelly Clark said to Snowboarding Transworld, “I’m sure there’s going to be different points of view on [the move], but rather than looking back with regret, we should look forward with optimism. It’s moving forward and progressing.”

Schedule Overview:

  • Mon, Feb 25th: Practice & Rider Welcome Dinner
  • Tue, Feb 26th: Practice
  • Wed, Feb 27th: Slopestyle Semi Finals
  • Thur, Feb 28th: Halfpipe Semi Finals
  • Fri, Mar 1st: Slopestyle Finals, FREE Concert at Solaris!
  • Sat, Mar 2nd: Halfpipe Finals, FREE Concert at Solaris!

The competitions will be thrown down at Golden Peak in Vail, Colorado, but don’t miss any of the other fun action. Click HERE for a full Burton US Open Schedule.

Burton U.S. Open Vail Map

Riders Competing In Burton US Open:

Who will you be cheering for?

Burton US Open

Women’s Slopestyle:

  • Aimee Fuller
  • Jamie Anderson
  • Charlotte Van Gils
  • Cheryl Maas
  • Cilka Sader
  • Enni Rukaarvi
  • Isabel Derungs
  • Kjersti Ostgaard Buaas
  • Sarka Pancochova
  • Silje Norendal
  • Sina Candrian
  • Spencer O’Brien
  • Ty Walker

Men’s Slopestyle:

  • Shaun White
  • Aleksander Ostreng 
  • Chas Guldemond
  • Emil Ulsletten
  • Eric Beauchemin
  • Eric Willett
  • Gjermund Braaten
  • Hans Midnich
  • Janne Korpi
  • Marco Grilc
  • Mark McMorris
  • Mikey Ciccarelli
  • Mikkel Bang
  • Patrick Burgerner
  • Peetu Piiroinen
  • Roope Tonteri
  • Sage Kotsenburg
  • Sebastien Toutant
  • Seppe Smits
  • Stale Sandbech
  • Sven Thorgen
  • Torgeir Bergrem
  • Torstein Horgmo
  • Ulrik Baderscher

Women’s Halfpipe:

  • Gretchen Bleiler
  • Torah Bright
  • Hannah Teter
  • Ursina Haller
  • Yuki Furihata
  • Arielle Gold
  • Cilka Sadar
  • Elena Hight
  • Ellery Hollingsworth
  • Kaitlyn Farrington
  • Kelly Clark
  • Madeline Schaffrick
  • Queralt Castellet

Men’s Halfpipe:

  • Danny Davis
  • Shaun White
  • Scotty Lago
  • Luke Mitrani
  • Louie Vito
  • Ayumu Hirano
  • Benji Farrow
  • Christian Haller
  • Fredrik Austbo
  • Greg Bretz
  • Iouri Podladtchikov
  • Janne Korpi
  • Kazuhiro Kokubo
  • Kohei Kudo
  • Kyle Mack
  • Markus Malin
  • Matt Ladley
  • Nathan Johnstone
  • Peetu Piiroinen
  • Roger Kleivdal
  • Ryo Aono
  • Taku Hiraoka
  • Tore Holvik
  • Zachary Black

Burton Open

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Family Ski Vacation Checklist!

Family Ski Vacation

Colorado Family Ski Vacation

Ready for your family ski vacation?  I bet your mind is spinning with details trying to pull together everything before it’s time to go.

For all those slope side newbies or those who’ve not been to the mountains for awhile, here’s a helpful list of things you need!

We get lots of questions from people preparing for the family fun, and we have lots of answers for you.

Organize Before:

    • Airfare
    • Airport shuttle, car rental or lodging shuttle lined up
    • Lodging accommodations and check with their concierges to make activity plans
    • Ski School-get the kids signed up.  You can usually do a walk-in or sign up a day before. Depending on the weekend, they rarely fill up to the point of turning people away, but save a couple bucks and sign up ahead of time.
    • Ski Equipment Rental DeliverySki and Snowboards straight to your lodging.  Get your complete gear including skis, boots, poles and helmets (which are mandatory for ski school students) snowboard, boots and bindings the evening before and be ready to go the first morning without rushing your a.m. coffee time
    • Activities such as sleigh rides, snow tubing, dog sled adventures and zip lining are a good thing to make reservations for if you know you are interested
    • Lift tickets are easily available to order before at snow.com or you can purchase them at the ticket window the day you are on the slopes

Now, what about clothing for the kids?

Clothing Checklist:

    • Hats
    • Snow pants
    • Jackets
    • Gloves
    • Goggles
    • Sunscreen for those blue bird days
    • Base and Mid layers such as a thermal shirt with sweatshirt over and jacket on top
    • Wool socks to keep moisture out and warmth in

These are all great to have for skiing and other snow activities. If you don’t currently have these items for the kids, try borrowing some from friends with kids the same age.  Whether buying or borrowing, double check that the material is water resistant (or scotch guard them) so you don’t have wet unhappy kids by the end of the day.

When trying to keep the price point down, check with a Walmart in the mountains for inexpensive basic snow gear from pants, jackets to gloves and goggles.  On location at your slope side destination will be plenty of specialty shops for any other needs, from high-tech helmets with camera video mounts to practical gloves.

After all the planning is done, don’t forget to schedule a special time for yourself such as a spa appointment, coffee at the cozy local coffee shop or boutique shopping.  After all is said and done be sure to enjoy every breathe of mountain air and the sweet time spent with your family.

Enjoy every moment!

Enjoy every moment!

This post brought to you by: Black Tie Ski Delivery     “Excellence Delivered”

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Unique Facts About Snow Sculptures!

“Another Siberia, unfit for human habitation'” wrote a New York reporter in 1885 after visiting Saint Paul.  Having taken offense by these words, the community decided to create an energetic image for the town, thus began the first Saint Paul Winter Carnival, the oldest annual winter carnival to host snow sculpture competitions.


Here in Breckenridge, Colorado the snow sculptures begin as a 10 x 10 x 12 twenty ton block of compacted snow. At the Budweiser Snow Sculpture Championships in Breckenridge we recruit volunteers from around town to stomp down the snow inside a wooden frame. Creating an block of snow, like a thanksgiving turkey,  just waiting to be carved.

Join the Town of Breckenridge anytime from January 22nd to February 3rd to experience the finished products of artists from around the world. See them in action Tuesday January 22nd through Saturday January 26th as they work with hand tools such as shovels, hatchets and saws.

You may think that snow is white by nature by according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, “the complex structure of snow crystals results in countless tiny surfaces from which visible light is efficiently reflected. What little sunlight is absorbed by snow is absorbed uniformly over the wavelengths of visible light thus giving snow its white appearance.”

That’s one way to look at “pow, pow,” “cauliflower,” “mashed potatoes,” “champagne snow,” whatever it is that you call the wonderful white precipitation.

Did you know that Breckenridge has been hosting the Snow Sculpture Championships since 1990?  Teams from China, Spain, the Netherlands, not to forget about our very own Team Breck who started it all.

Come take a look at some of the amazing finished products and get inspired to create your own work of art. Snow sculpture supplies are covering the ground here in the Rocky Mountains.

This post brought to you by:  Black Tie Ski Delivery – “Excellence Delivered”

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How Much Bend Do You Need On Your Skis/Snowboard?

That's Alot Of Bend!!!

That’s Lots Of Bend!!!

Camber? Rocker?  Magne…. What?

Words that you may come across when you’re looking to upgrade your equipment can be confusing. Here’s a brief description to help give you an idea of what you need for your specific ski/ride style.

Traditional Camber gives the gear a slight rise from the contact points of tip and tail. This provides incredible edge hold and pop under the pressure of the rider/skiers weight.

In icy or variable snow conditions camber gives continuous edge contact and grip with the mountain.

Camber Rocker Visual

Rocker essentially is the opposite of camber. Sick for days you get to float through powder. Known as banana style, this raises the tip and tail to maneuver through the snow.

Many skis/boards today use both underfoot camber and tip and tail rocker in their designs.

On icy days you will feel less edge pull with Rocker shape alone unless you have….

MagneTraction, undetected with a quick look, the edges of the board are actually serrated  like a knife giving lots of edge contact providing you with added confidence at fast speeds.


Rossignol snowboards: Women’s  Diva Mag and Men’s Templar Magtek are examples of boards with all mountain rocker and magne-traction.

Atomic Cloud 7 for women includes camber with just enough flex to turn the beginner skier into a cool cruiser. Nomad Smoke All Mountain skis by Atomic have all mountain rocker which is great for beginners to intermediates.

Groomers: If your style is groomers, camber will furnish stability at high speeds as a result of the additional edge contact.

Powder: Full length rocker facilitates your gear to float on the top layer of powder and make quick turns, useful in trees, and a quick stop.

Park:  Rocker can make many of the stylish tricks effortless in between charging towards a rail or jump. Camber will impart more burst off of jumps and allies.

Ski and snowboard technologies have come a long way in the past 20 years. Now there are  many types of equipment that will suit your terrain and style.

Enjoy your play time to the fullest!!!



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